V Shred®, the world’s fastest-growing online transformation platform, continues their mission to help millions of users step into their greatness by launching this premium activewear that provides the confidence to tackle life’s daily obstacles. With the addition of this clothing line, V Shred® takes another step to giving users everything they need for their personal journey to becoming the best version of themselves: workouts, motivation, community support, nutritional supplements, and now, premium activewear. 

The V Shred® activewear line was built with everyday life in mind; not just the one hour spent in the gym. The initial line of products targets the foundational items every female needs in their active wardrobe - Leggings, Sports Bras, Tops, Shorts, and Jackets. 

Built from the feedback of V Shred® consumers, every piece of their activewear features buttery-soft stretchy fabric for a full-range of motion and also contours to your specific body type. From a high-waisted ribbed waistband that cinches and provides optimal tummy-toning support to the moisture-wicking fabric that cools your body and keeps you dry during high-intensity workouts – the V Shred® activewear line is supportive and stylish for your workout or a casual day around town. 

To create the perfect activewear line V Shred® turned to fitness model and designer, Ashley Rossi. Closely connected to the business through her longtime relationship with V Shred® Co-Founder, Vince Sant, she had a vision from the start, "When designing this line of daily activewear we wanted to keep the end consumer in mind. Every detail was carefully crafted to give females the confidence to step into their personal greatness - from the soft fabric, to the contouring shape that forms to your body, to the vibrant colors, and the durability." 

V Shred® will continue to add onto the core collection of their premium line; as well as development plans for a men’s apparel line. CEO and Co-Founder of V Shred®, Nick Daniel, stated, “We don’t do anything unless we know we can be the best in the space. This activewear line is no different and we have big plans for the future of this brand.”


About V Shred

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